Friday, June 19, 2009

After posting my sketches from our San Antonio trip I thought....hey why not post some of my other sketches from traveling around?? So here are some of my "travel sketches"

New York City - Grand Central Station

Oklahoma State Capital - OKC

Kimbell Art Museum - Ft. Worth TX

OKC Arts Festival

US Capital and Lincoln Memorial - Washington DC

Jefferson Memorial - Washington DC

Washington Monument - Washington DC

Museum of Modern Art - Ft. Worth TX

Oklahoma History Museum - OKC

Mockingbird Station - Dallas TX

Hopewell Baptist Church - OKC

Cistercian Monastery - Ft. Worth TX

Brooklyn Bridge - NYC

Grain Elevator - Henesey OK

I have not been able to travel as extensively as some people but as you can see there are plenty of things close to home to sketch.....but some day Italia!!


  1. I love them. The D.C. one's are my fave. Your view on your surroundings is cool.

  2. Wow hunn. These are amazing. I sometimes take for granted the talent you have. You are truly gifted. Keep sketching and blogging so we all can enjoy them like you.