Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun with letters and names

One of the things I have done for a while is to make names with the letters sketched as buildings. I did some of these for my family a couple of years ago as Christmas presents. Just in case they are too abstract I put the name below each sketch.......

"P A R K E R"

"P A R K E R"

"J O H N S T O N"

"H O G A N"

"G A M M O N"

"E M B R E Y"

"E M B R E E"

"A L E X A N D E R"


  1. I would ask you to do my girls names, but that would equal 18 in all.

  2. You know I love these because you did one for me FIRST when we were dating. However, I keep looking over your post but I can't seem to find mine. Hmmmm! I guess you just wanted to keep mine private because it's special. Right???

  3. hi, being an architect,i connect to your sketching immediately.Its wonderful and very much to my liking.I am learning so much from visiting your blog! cheers

  4. sanjeev-
    thanks for the kind comments.