Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sketching on 9.9.9

OK, so I went out sketching yesterday on 9.9.9, and I had the intention of doing 9 sketches, because I am weird like that. But the rain and time caught up with me and I only managed 4 sketches. But still not bad for a relaxing after work sketch outing.

OKC Federal Building

Union Train Station

Church in Capitol Hill

Factory on south Robinson


  1. I love all the detailing on the factory pic. You're very talented. You might be obsessed w/ sketching as I am with snappping:) I was truly hoping for a sketch of a light being shot out with a bb gun, jk.

  2. These are some of my favorite sketches- especially the federal building. The good thing is that I get to see them in person.