Monday, January 4, 2010

OK, so I took all week last week off from work. It was awesome. Just stayed at home and spent time with the fam. Despite the awful weather I did actually get to do a little sketching. I had to do most of it from inside my car, which I hate, it somehow seems separated still. Oh well.....the results are here.....

Stage Center - Downtown OKC

Oklahoma Cotton Oil Producers CoOp - OKC

Silo - Midwest City

Emerson Elementary School - Downtown OKC

Crown Heights Christian Church - North Western Avenue - OKC

Will Rogers Theater - North Western Avenue - OKC

Southwestern Bell Building - downtown OKC
This sketch is a little different. I was actually commissioned to do this sketch by my friend and colleague Blair Humphreys. His brother (Grant) and dad (Kirk) own and run their business out of the building in the lower left side of the sketch. He asked me to do a sketch of their building with their sign etc. and show some cool OKC downtown skyline in the background. So with a little artistic license on the positioning and angle of buildings this was the result. Happily Blair reported that Grant loved the sketch.
If you want to read and look at some awesome stuff about OKC, check out Blair's blog.


  1. Nice job Geoff. We love the work! You do a nice job capturing our OKC architecture in your own way - I like you're artistic license.

  2. Thanks so much Grant! Glad to hear you liked it. Thanks for the compliment!

  3. you are the best I know. thanks for letting all the world see the best of OKC

  4. Awesome job! I'm new to drawing/sketching & saw you on the UrbanSketchers site. I love Center Stage, it's such a unique building to start with. I bet it was fun to sketch.

  5. Hi Geoff, I saw your work via the UrbanSketchers site as well. Your drawings are really compelling. The crosshatching nicely pulls the viewer in and it's a pleasure to observe the patterns created as much as what is being drawn.