Monday, March 22, 2010

I apologize in advance this is a looong post but I think you will enjoy it.........

So last week was Spring Break, and the weather was decent so with no classes to attend and my wife and kids out of town for a couple of days I got my sketch on a couple of evenings.

South Facade of the OKC Federal Building

Bishop John Carroll

Bishop John Carroll, bell tower and Naive
Bishop John Carroll entry and rose window

Bishop John Carroll - sometimes the architect in me just has to draw a 2d elevation.

Then latter in the week I got to get away with my lovely bride on a little mini vacation. We took a drive Saturday from the lake house to Dallas. Despite the bitter cold and wind we had a great time in Dallas, the Galleria and Ikea! Also I got to get my sketch on a little bit to!

Dallas Center for the Performing Arts

Nasher Sculpture Center

I know anyone who has ever approached Dallas from the north along I-35 has seen this HUGE feed mill in Valley View. Well of course it BEGGED to be sketched, so I obliged it several times. Martindale Feed Mill - Valley View Texas

Martindale Feed Mill - Valley View Texas
Martindale Feed Mill - Valley View Texas

Martindale Feed Mill - Valley View Texas

This great feed mill is just off of HWY 32 south of Madill, I of course had to capture a couple of views of it as well. Sorry, I forgot the name and did not write it down.....
Feed Mill - Madill, Oklahoma


  1. Always love your stuff! Keep the feed mills, grain elavators and concrete plants coming! I love them!
    Big fan,

  2. Thanks Tim, I really appreciate your visit and kind comments!

  3. I love these. I'm envious of architectural drawing, it's something I've never practiced.

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