Monday, August 2, 2010

Portland - Urban Sketchers Symposium 2010 - Part II

OK, so I got back home and have finally scanned all of my sketches. I did A LOT! I filled both sides of the large format Moleskine Japanese album.

Needless to say this was an absolutely amazing event. Thanks to Gabi and all of the awesome folks at USK and PNCA who made this thing happen. I have never been around so many people who share my passion for sketching, it was truly a special time. I got to meet several folks whom have commented on my sketches on flickr and me on theirs. Such a cool thing. One of the most interesting for me was meeting Gerard Michel. I have ogled his sketches on the internet for nearly two years, and I got to finally meet him in person. We had some amazing conversations despite my speaking zero French and Gerard speaking limited english. We did a lot of pointing and gesturing, and somehow we both understood! Bottom line, when we got our sketchbooks out the language barrier all but disappeared. Many more experiences like this, I will share others in later posts. For now here are some of the sketches I did.

So here's sketch number one, right out of the box I'm out sketching with Frank Ching and Gerard! Talk about intimidating. But I think this one turned out pretty decent.

Here is sketch number two, Skidmore fountain

In the afternoon of day one I decided to do a couple of elevations of some interesting facades on condos overlooking Jamison Square.

After Jamison Square I headed down to Union Station and got this view.

The last sketches from day one I went out and did after the evening sessions were over. There were these three great churches just a couple of blocks from the hotel, I had to capture them.

Day two started with a trip over to the food cart block. Did a couple of quick ones.

An overall of one row of the food carts.

Day two concluded with this set from the afternoon session. A series of quick studies about 15 minutes each.

More to come, day three was quite fruitful.


  1. Hi Geoff!
    Thanks for posting your marvelous sketches, I enjoyed seeing them for about the third time having seen them at PNCA. You are an excellent example and your postings create the desire for me to get out there and do some images. It was great talking with you and seeing your actual size images. I hope you'll do more. Thanks.
    Frank Bettendorf

  2. Wonderful work, Geoff! Great too that you met GĂ©rard, Gabi and so many other friends from USk. I missed Portland, I won't miss Lisbon! perhaps we can meet there next year.

  3. Thanks Frank. It was great to meet you to and to share your enthusiasm for drawing.
    Luis- yes it was amazing, everyone was so excited and so energetic. I am going to try to go to Lisbon, hopefully it will work out, would love to meet you in person and share sketchbooks!